Dr. Gold’s Patient Testimonial and Review

May 8, 2014
Image of patient in ophthalmologist exam room

Meet Wallace

Interviewer: Why did you choose Dr. Gold over other LASIK doctors or surgical centers in the Connecticut area? Patient: It was 100% referral. I relied on someone who I know had a very well founded and well researched opinion. That person came to Dr. Gold and is very happy with the outcome and I just followed suit. Interviewer: Good idea! What do you like about Dr. Gold? When you met him what did you think? Patient:  I very much liked Dr. Gold. I actually connected very strongly with him. It was a bit coincidental that we were going to Peru and Dr. Gold had some very fond memories of Peru. We connected on a personal level and he's obviously very technically competent, and that was very impressive and reassuring. Interviewer: Awesome! So what are you looking forward to post-surgery? Patient: Well if I could point to one particular event, we just scheduled a beach week for late July. And I'm very much looking forward to boogie boarding without worrying about losing my contacts in the surf! Interviewer: How cool! Well, good luck and I'll see you on the other side!