B. Carroll

After seeing Dr. Gold on CT. Style several times, I finally made an appointment for an eye exam and to learn if I was a candidate for the Epi-Lasik (which I am). The past 10 years I have switched from one eye doctor to another for eye exams but now I feel Dr. Gold is my final choice. I did not feel rushed, he was thorough and more important, he did not push any one option but explained all of them (surgery, prescription glasses OR even strengths for over-the-counter glasses). I am hoping to schedule the Epi-Lasik surgery some Friday in the near future. Thank you Dr. Gold!

Patrice Marlowe

1. Why did you choose Liberty Vision for your Laser Vision Correction?
I saw the channel 8 news "CT Style" program. Dr. Gold was on and my own Dr. was going to perform LASIK on me at some point. I was so impressed with Dr. Gold and Epi-LASIK, I decided to give him a call and that was it.

2. Why did you choose to have laser vision correction?
Hated to wear the cheaters, never wore glasses before.

3.Please check the procedure(s) done:
Epi-lasik in my Left eye

4.What do you like about the procedure you underwent, or the experience of having the procedure done?
Not wearing the cheaters. The experience was incredible, to be able to see like I used to.

5. What do you like about Dr. Gold?
He has a wonderful personality, kind, extremely thorough, and follows up on all my appointments.

6. What do you like about our Staff?
Your staff is wonderful, great personality, kind, and helpful.

7. In what area or way could we improve our service?
Nothing, you're great.

8. Would you recommend this procedure to your family and/or friends?

Sandra O.

Dr. Gold is my very favorite doctor of all time. He is always on time (a rarity in the doctor profession) and is an extremely caring and professional doctor. I had Epi-LASIK on both my eyes and I can't be happier with the results. I did have an issue with one of my eyes but Dr. Gold helped me through the process.

At one time I called him at 6am and he came into the office to see me. How many doctors do you know who would do that? I highly recommend Dr. Gold and would recommend this procedure to everyone who has to wear glasses. My husband and son have both had their eyes corrected and are also very happy with the results. Thank you Dr. Gold for being such a wonderful doctor.

J. Brinkler, Outcome 20/20

1. Procedure(s) done:

2. What do you like about the procedure you underwent, or the experience of having the procedure done?
I have liked the ease of no contacts or glasses and the recovery was very quick and fairly comfortable.

3. What do you like about Dr. Gold?
Very honest, friendly, and was very on spot on all discomfort, and details of clearing vision, and he was very easy to feel comfortable with entire procedure.

4. What do you like about our Staff?
Very friendly and helpful and the easiest office I have dealt with.

5. In what area or way could we improve our service?
None that I could find

6. Would you recommend this procedure to your family and/or friends?
Most definitely YES

Spring Wyatt, Outcome 20/20

1. Procedure(s) done:
Both Eyes,

2.What do you like about the procedure you underwent, or the experience of having the procedure done?
Very quick, recoup time is short, very little discomfort.

3. What do you like about Dr. Gold?
Efficient beyond my expectations, caring, professional and as a patient makes you feel like you are important.

4. What do you like about our Staff?
Very friendly and professional.

5. In what area or way could we improve our service?
You all have mastered professionalism, friendliness, and making people feel important.

6. Would you recommend this procedure to your family and/or friends?

M. Torres, Outcome 20/20

1. What do you like about the procedure you underwent, or the experience of having the procedure done?
I like how quick and easy everything was. The procedure was around 20 mins which really surprised me.

2. What do you like about Dr. Gold?
He is direct and honest. Very helpful and always ready to answer any questions.

3. What do you like about our Staff?
Lovely! Wonderful and helpful. Always greet you with a smile.

4. In what area or way could we improve our service?
I can't think of any. Even the tic tacs were cool!

5. Would you recommend this procedure to your family and/or friends?
Yes! I have been!

Michele Henderson, Outcome 20/20

1. What do you like about the procedure you underwent, or the experience of having the procedure done?
I can see perfectly now without glasses. No more expensive bifocals to purchase. This surgery will pay for itself and I have wonderful vision and less headaches from eye strain.

2. What do you like about Dr. Gold?
He's caring and professional. I found him to speak softly but with authority

3. What do you like about our Staff?
The entire staff was friendly, caring and professional.

4. In what area or way could we improve our service?
I saw no deficits.

5. Would you recommend this procedure to your family and/or friends?

Shalyn Carey, Outcome 20/20

1. What do you like about the procedure you underwent, or the experience of having the procedure done?
The procedure was short and almost pain free. I love the results!

2. What do you like about Dr. Gold?
I like that he worked with me from start to finish - made me more confident. I also love that he called me at home the night of my procedure to check in and gave his cell number in case I had any questions.

3. What do you like about our Staff?
I like that everyone was alwayus friendly and willing to answer my questions no matter how many I asked

4. Would you recommend this procedure to your family and/or friends?
Yes, I would

Samantha Luca, Outcome 20/15

I appreciated the speed and ease it was to get an appointment for the surgery. Vicki is a welcome and friendly face when I come in. Dr. Gold balances a friendly demeanor with professional reassurance/confidence very well. He is punctual and keeps appointments straight forward and quick. Any patient can note his organization, concern, and intelligence, which puts most at ease.

Lisa Wingard, Outcome 20/20

1. What do you like about the procedure you underwent, or the experience of having the procedure done?
The ability to see without glasses is truly wonderful. The colors and light really pop and waking up in the morning and seeing everything is the best experience.

2. What do you like about Dr. Gold?
He is direct, answers all your questions truthfully and lets you know exactly what you will be experiencing.

3. What do you like about our staff?
The staff at Dr. Gold's office were all really friendly and knowledgeable. It was also nice that it is a small staff so you don't end up talking to different people.

4. In what area or way could we improve our service?
I Can't think of anything - very efficient office.

5. Would you recommend this procedure to your family and/or friends?
Absolutely yes! And already have to everyone I know who wears glasses

Brandon R., 29 yrs., Outcome 20/10 and 20/15

The hassle of contact lenses was overbearing and the perfect solution seemed to be laser vision correction. Through the recommendation of a friend, I found Dr. Gold and made one of the best decisions of my life. From the first appointment, to the surgery, to the follow up itself, I have no complaints. Everyone on the staff was overwhelmingly friendly and supportive. Great job all the way around...Thank You!

Scott A., 44 yrs., Outcome 20/15

I began noticing my reduced vision when I was 16 years old. Over the next 20 years my eyesight got continually worse but what made me act was my inability to even see the large numbers of our alarm clock at night. My procedure was quick and efficient. Immediately after I walked out of the surgery room, I noticed the improvement. The following day my vision cleared and I could see better than I could with glasses. I am glad I no longer need glasses for either near or far sightedness.

Lena P., 29 yrs., Outcome 20/20

I was tired of my glasses, they always were dirty and I was always adjusting them. Thanks to Dr. Gold I no longer have the hassle of glasses. I can wake up in the morning and go! No looking for lost glasses. Dr. Gold and his staff were so wonderful the whole way. They made me feel comfortable and made sure all my questions were answered. Thank you just doesn't seem enough for the gift of 20/15 vision I have been given. Thank You!

Mark G., 41 yrs., Outcome 20/15

I wore glasses for close to 30 years. My brother-in-law, and best friend (they don't know each other) both had Epi-Lasik performed by Dr. Gold and both were extremely happy with the results. Based on their testimony, I decided to meet with Dr. Gold and his staff to have my eyes evaluated. I can't say enough good things about them and my experience. My surgery and recovery period was painless. After a month now, my eyesight has been great~ 20/15 and 20/10. I'm looking forward to going to the beach this summer and not having to squint to look for where my wife and kids are when I come out of the ocean.

Gina M., 36 yrs., Outcome 20/15

It's wonderful to wake up in the morning and see across the room. Wearing normal sunglasses, going to the gym and enjoying my wedding and honeymoon without restrictions or the confinements of glasses has been a blessing and I can't imagine why I waited so long! I highly recommend getting Lasik. It's a God send to live a normal life without the "prison cell" of glasses or contacts.

Joan B., 54 yrs., Outcome 20/20 and 20/25

For over 40 years I awoke in a room filled with blur. I couldn't even see my glasses on the dresser and had to "feel around" for them. Having Epi-Lasik surgery has changed my life. I no longer wake up unable to see anything. I can see a clock across the room and can read without having to wear glasses or contacts. Thank you Dr. Gold for giving me back the gift of sight!

Sean B., 46 yrs., Outcome 20/20

Lasik Surgery has benefited me by giving me the freedom from wearing glasses which I have had to wear for 40 years. It has also relieved me from the hassle of wearing/dealing with the contact lenses and their maintenance on a daily basis. I no longer worry about losing or breaking my glasses or damaging a contact lens while removing it. I have already recommended Lasik surgery at Liberty Vision with Dr. Gold and will continue to do so, as everyone in the office is pleasant and professional. I sincerely thank you all!

Elizabeth R., 35 yrs., Outcome 20/15

My husband really encouraged me to have Lasik. I thought my eyes were too bad, and that it was an unnecessary expense. I could see with contacts and glasses, (extremely thick glasses!) After learning about TruVision's discount program, and that my husband's company would also contribute financially, I conceded to have the procedure. I am a mother of 2 who thinks of herself last, so this was not something I did comfortably. I have never been so happy with doing something for myself. I don't have to fumble for my glasses when my daughters awaken me in the middle of the night, or worry that my glasses will break, or I will lose a contact and be out of commission indefinitely. I am so grateful to Dr. Gold and his staff for helping me achieve 20/15 vision!

Kimberly G., 34 yrs., Outcome 20/15

Why I Had Epi-Lasik Surgery and How it Benefited Me I had the Epi-Lasik surgery so I could be free from irritating contacts and clumsy glasses. The benefits are too many to count. I can SEE! I am an avid mountain climber, and for the first time, I was able to climb a mountain and see forever~ every leaf on every tree! The view from atop Mt. Katahdin was amazing. I love my perfect vision!

Dennis K., 48 yrs.

My praise for Dr Gold is rooted in his honesty, professionalism and due diligence in deciding he would NOT perform laser eye surgery on me due to some corneal abnormalities he found in my complimentary screening process. He even referred me to another doctor for confirmation of his findings. I didn't get the news I was hoping for as I really wanted to be free of eyeglasses but I did receive the competent, conservative professional advice of a seasoned ophthalmologist who cared more for my vision than for his own economic gain and for that I am forever grateful. Oh yes, and he now has me as a new ophthalmology patient for my annual eye exams.

H.J., 35 yrs., Teacher, Outcome 20/20 and 20/25

As an avid runner and a frequent swimmer, I wanted my eyes to be free of glasses and contacts. I am so pleased with the results. Dr. Gold is one of the most personable surgeons I have met. He walked me through the procedure beforehand and I felt so comfortable with him throughout the whole process.

I am so pleased with the results and it certainly was one of the best things I did for myself.

James Sime, Outcome 20/15

I have been interested for many years in laser eye surgery to correct nearsightedness, presbyopia and a slight astigmatism (left eye).

However, until recently, I believed the risks outweighed the potential benefits.

WaveFront-guided Custom LASIK is capable of correcting higher and lower order aberrations, however, I have been wary of the surgical technique because the surgeon must cut the eyeball and lift up a flap. This never seemed like a good technique to me as it seemed to me it must weaken the structure of the eye. Over the years, the Internet has been useful for tracking advances and issues (things that can go wrong) related to the flap, such as dry eye (cutting the flap severs a lot of nerves in the eye and nerves don't grow back anytime soon -- the severed nerves reduce the eye's ability to send signals to the brain to request tears when it's dry), and lack of healing or re-bonding of the inner-flap surface to the rest of the eye -- it seems that the edge knits back together but the inner surface only re-bonds over a very long time (up to 40 years), which means the flap could bulge or be dislodged under a variety of unfortunate circumstances. Dry eye and the potential problems with the flap, which could ruin the eye, represented unacceptable risks for me.

Surface ablation seemed safer to me, but PRK as I understood it, involved dissolving and manually scraping away the outermost layer of the eye (epithelial layer). This step seemed a bit crude to me and the imprecision was troubling, although in general the surface ablation didn't mess with the nerves in the eye and didn't structurally weaken the eye, so it didn't seem too bad. The recovery period following PRK seemed a bit long and I have to work, so I was concerned about estimates of how long I would need to wait for my eyes to heal.

Epi-LASIK, especially with WaveFront correction of higher and lower order aberrations seemed to provide a high level of precision (both in a tool to remove the thin epithelial layer and the WaveFront guided laser correction), safety (structural strength of eye is not compromised and no nerves are severed, i.e., a very very low probability of ruining my eyes), and fairly quick recovery (so I can return to work in about a week).

Overall, it seemed that if I could find an experienced, precise, careful eye surgeon, an expert in Epi-LASIK, then it would be safe to proceed with surgery and rid myself of the need for corrective eyeglasses.

I did some searching and sought recommendations from within the medical profession an In my profession, fact-based risk evaluations are key to our decision making, so I felt very good about this approach in Dr. Gold's practice. As I interacted with Dr. Gold, I came to understand that he is attentive to medial research and uses new findings to learn about and improve his knowledge, techniques, upgrade his equipment and achieve better results over time. Like an expert carpenter, it is always wise to measure twice and cut once, and Dr. Gold makes a lot of measurements with the very best equipment (VISX WaveFront) and has in place a solid system of checks and double checks on all the numerical data and calculations that go into laser eye correction. Another strong positive factor is Dr. Gold's attention to patient comfort. His treatment techniques, as I experienced them in July 2009 for Custom WaveFront Epi-LASIK (mono-vision) on both eyes on the same day, resulted in only mild discomfort, which I found to be remarkable. I followed all post-op instructions to the letter, which included lots of eye drops and pills, and today my vision is better than 20/20. Also, the left-eye astigmatism is gone. Based on what I have learned through my research and personal experience, I can recommend Dr. Gold without reservation to any and all. I feel confident that he would not proceed if risk factors indicate corrective eye surgery is a bad idea for you. Likewise, if corrective surgery is appropriate for you, I am confident that you are in excellent hands with Dr. Gold. By the way, a month after me, my wife selected Dr. Gold for WaveFront-guided Custom Epi-LASIK treatment (mono-vision) and had her surgery on Friday. It went well and perhaps she will write of her experience a month or so from now.


Today I had my PRK eye surgery! I was totally sick of my ugly glasses, and my contacts were always blurry and bothering me – so finally after Paula and Sue did it, I decided I was going to also! I was also sick of looking outside, thinking I was seeing a cat, putting on my glasses, and finding out it was a stinking turkey!!

I couldn’t get LASIK b/c my cornea’s were too thin (go figure) so I had to do PRK – which is known to have a painful recovery and takes longer to heal. I had heard the worst part of PRK was that your eyes felt like they had sand in them – but I figured since I mountain bike all the time and am used to sand in my eyes – I would be fine!

I got there and they were a bit behind – I guess they had some trouble calibrating the laser – which at the time it didn’t faze me – but now that you think about it – how scary is that?

We waited in the waiting room for about a half hour, and then I was called in. I had to take a Valium and wear these dorky foot slippers and cap to cover my hair. I went into the room and Dr Gold was there along w/ 2 other men. First he had to put little plugs into my tear ducts since my eyes were a bit dry, and they kept the tears inside your eye. It was really creepy – I thought it was going to hurt – but it didn’t at all. It felt like he was playing with my eyelashes. Then we were ready for the big surgery. The chair you were in was like a recliner so at least you were ‘comfortable.’ I was very nervous so I got to hold ‘Seymour’ the bear – at the time I didn’t understand the significance of Seymour – but now I do get it – See More!! I was sweating my butt off and Dr Gold talked to me and told me not to worry – that it was going to be fine and painless. Yeah right – I didn’t believe it! He says the only thing I will feel is water running down my face when they flush my eyes. They bandage 1 eye up and start to work on the other. They tape my eyelids so I can’t blink – and it felt really weird. Then it started…I think there was a pressure ring on my eye so it wouldn’t move but I couldn’t tell. He puts some numbing drops in and here we go! He begins by pouring tons of alcohol on my eye – and all of a sudden – it goes black – I can’t see anything. He tells me this is normal – I start to feel really strange b/c I know I am awake and my eyes are open – but I can’t see a darn thing – it makes me feel like I’m going to pass out. Just when I think I’m passing out – he stops counting and FREEZING cold water is poured in my eye and I can see – but I’m suffering from a major head freeze. Just when it’s almost unbearable he stops. Next comes the q-tip or something like that and he’s ‘wiping’ my eye with it – I guess this is removing the outer layer of the eye. He puts more drops in and then tells me to look at the laser. After about 20 seconds he says I’m done and removes the tape that is keeping my eyes open. That was SO EASY – it didn’t hurt one bit! Next one is another story. The next one I could definitely tell there was a pressure ring on my eye – he put the alcohol on and halfway through my eye hurt so bad I was almost moaning and he said I only had to wait 15 more seconds. I got through it and then the rest was a piece of cake. He put bandage contact lenses in my eyes to start the healing. One didn’t sit right so he was trying to fit it but I kept blinking – so the one thing I was dreading was him using a speculum? to hold my eye open – and he used it!!! It was gross – but didn’t hurt. Then I got up and could already see better then when I wasn’t wearing my glasses!

I had to go home and take another valium and sleep for 3-5 hours so the healing would start. On the ride home my eyes started feeling gritty, but after my nap it felt good again. I even felt good enough to watch a little TV, but had to wear my sunglasses b/c everything was really bright to my eyes.

The next day was a bit worse, they hurt a bit and the lights killed me. I spent the entire weekend pretty much ‘napping’ and just listening to my iPod with my eyes closed. Couldn’t read and watching TV hurt too much from squinting. On Sunday the pain got pretty bad so the Dr called me in a prescription for Vicodin!! I was really scared to take one – it took me about 5 hours to work up the nerve to try it – the warnings on the label scared the crap out of me. After 1 vicodin I felt awesome – no more pain – and pretty much fell asleep for the night. I only had to take them for 3 nights – which I think is pretty good! They kept getting better and I could read on the computer more and more each day. A few days later I went back and he said they had healed enough to take out the bandage lens. One hurt bad when he took it out. 2 days later we realized that the left eye was fully healed and the right wasn’t. He put the lens back into the right one to help it heal quicker. The eye sight was so different in both eyes that it gave me wicked headaches and made me nauseous for about 3 days. Then it finally healed and they were only a bit off. The right eye was now fuzzy and the other wasn’t. This lasted a few days, but got better with each day until I finally didn’t notice it at all. Now, I am just amazed at all the stuff I can see!!! When I go to bed I can see across the room, and when I wake up I can see the alarm clock! I can even read the numbers on the scale!!

Thursday, April 7, 2005

My 1 month check-up was yesterday and I have 20/15 in each eye, and together I can see 20/10. The doctor was just checking the 20/10 vision for laughs –and I ended up being able to read each letter correctly. He gave me a big hi-five and told me what a great job I did with the eyes!! We were both thrilled!!

AM, 44 y-o Environmental analyst/roof garden designer, Outcome 20/15

I was concerned about my decreasing ability of seeing far. It was uncomfortable to drive my car at night or not seeing what my daughter could clearly see from the distance. The world became covered with fog and for me who is a landscape designer it was a huge limitation. I hated my glasses. Yes, they were the solution to my problem, but for some reason, I couldn’t find a perfect pair which not only would fit my appearance, but also feel comfortable. It got to the point when I couldn’t leave my home without glasses. Looking for them every morning was a nightmare. I was especially scared when I flew to Europe a year ago. When taking a nap in the plane the flight attendant unintentionally cleaned my glasses with other trash. There was no way to find them and first task in Europe was to find a doctor and purchase the right glasses – very expensive. This was the time when I realized that I depend on my glasses and I wanted to free myself from this dependence.

I started looking for the right doctor and for the right price. I spoke with several professionals who explained to me what is included in lasik surgery. I became aware that all the low cost surgeries are not done by experienced doctors with proper equipment. I started my search over the internet. My results pointed out Dr. Gold as the most qualified lasik surgeon in the area. I was not disappointed with him. He presented himself as a professional with huge knowledge and answers to all my questions. I also like the full disclosures they provided. This office didn’t down play the risk. Not only do they provide an independent video of the procedure, but they supported the information with their statement.

The surgery was short and the recovery was long, but this was what I expected. Dr. Gold and his crew provided me with proper support during this process. I am close to full recovery. In enjoy my new vision. This was the best investment I have ever made to improve my life quality. I am very thankful for Liberty Vision for walking me through this change.

Matthew Rowe

Deciding whether epi-LASIK is appropriate for you requires consideration of a number of factors; wondering whether you’ve chosen the right surgeon needn’t be one of them.

In my mind, the essential qualities of any surgeon include: demonstrated technical proficiency, a commitment to continuing professional education and aggressive post-operative care. In each of these areas, Dr. Gold and his staff received very high marks.

With over 7000 procedures to his name, Dr. Gold’s level of experience speaks for itself. What is less obvious, however, is his commitment to remaining current with a procedure that is still evolving and technologies that are always improving. Dr. Gold is well read with the relevant peer reviewed literature and is proactive in his continuing medical education. This second point played an important role in my treatment plan. Armed with new clinical data released at the AAO’s recent annual meeting which he attended in Chicago, Dr. Gold recommended a technical refinement to a critical portion of my epi-LASIK procedure. I felt comfortable knowing that I was being treated by a surgeon who was exposed to the latest developments and trends in his specialty.

Dr. Gold also maintains a strong national network of other refractive surgeons. By consulting with one of these contacts, Dr. Gold now employs a novel treatment regimen aimed at controlling post-op pain. I had been warned that epi-LASIK patients can experience more discomfort than those who undergo LASIK. I had absolutely no discomfort at anytime following my procedure. I’m confident that this is a direct result of his decision to adopt this new treatment regimen.

Dr. Gold’s follow up care was outstanding. I underestimated the importance of this prior to the procedure, but was grateful for his commitment to it afterwards. That first night, I received a personal phone call from Dr. Gold who simply wanted to know how I was doing. He saw me the next day (Saturday) and indicated that I was healing very quickly and that he wanted to see me again Monday. (It was plainly obvious to me that if my progress had been anything less than anticipated, he would not have hesitated in seeing me in the office Sunday morning.) He went on to see me Monday, Tuesday and again on Thursday

One month later, I am now 20-20 in both eyes. I sought the help of a surgeon who could correct my vision so that wearing glasses would no longer be necessary. I am extremely active in tennis and, in winter, paddle tennis which is played outdoors, often times in freezing weather. In both instances, glasses were really becoming a nuisance, especially on the paddle tennis court. During his initial interview, Dr. Gold recognized that I would probably not be compliant in wearing protective eye-wear on the tennis court following my LASIK procedure. He correctly recommended epi-LASIK, explaining why he felt it was a better option for someone like me. With this procedure, I feel much more confident on (and off) the court, knowing that I cannot fall prey to a flap injury somewhere down the road.

S.C., 25 yr., Tutor, Outcome 20/15

I decided to have the surgery because I was ready to be done with contacts and glasses. I usually hike in the area and every morning when I put the contacts in it would hurt A LOT! So I wanted to put an end to all of those things I had to tote around. The Liberty Vision experience in specific benefited by really helping with my comfort level. I was extremely nervous and other doctors I had made appointments with, I didn't feel comfortable; I felt more as a number, just another record and customer. I appreciated the kindness of everyone in the office, as well as the preparedness. I could tell there is a dedication here to the patients and doing things the right way. Maybe I am biased because I like you all but I wouldn't change a thing!! (My father is having his surgery here tomorrow!)

S.R., 34 yr., Engineer, Outcome 20/10

I chose to have eye surgery because of the cost and inconvenience of glasses and contacts. I play a lot of sports and found myself always having to have contacts on hand. The surgery has been a great benefit, as it has allowed me freedom from being dependent on contacts to enjoy an active lifestyle. Also waking up in the morning and immediately being able to see is Great.

James van Pelt

Recently I took advantage of one of the benefits afforded by the ACES insurance package. I had laser vision correction for much less than what most eye surgeons in the area charge.

About a year ago I started experiencing irritation in my right eye from wearing contact lenses. My doctor suggested that I think about getting my vision in that eye corrected permanently through a kind of laser surgery called LASIK. I checked around and found that doctors in our area who offer LASIK are charging, on average, about $2,500 per eye. Yikes!

During that time I ran across a brochure in my office at ACES Technology Services that featured various benefits including LASIK. The brochure, from Anthem Blue Cross, mentioned a special price of just $895 per eye—almost two-thirds off. When you consider that a number of dental benefits (crowns, for instance) pay for only half the cost, a benefit reducing the cost to just about a third of what it would be seemed very attractive.

Of course, preserving your vision is not the first place you look to cut corners! Good vision is priceless. My next assignment was to determine whether the low cost entailed a sacrifice in quality.

The Anthem brochure included the toll-free number of TruVision, which I learned is a group of eye doctors located throughout the nation. Their strategy is to share the laser equipment needed for the surgery, whereas other doctors have to charge enough to pay for their own equipment. Throughout the month, each doctor is meeting with patients either to determine whether they are good candidates for LASIK, or to assist patients recovering from the surgery. On one or two days a month, the equipment is brought into the office and all the surgery is done at that time. Since each operation takes only fifteen minutes or so, twenty operations or more can be done in one day.

The TruVision doctor in our area is an ophthalmologist named Jeffrey Gold. Located at 2440 Whitney Avenue in Hamden, Dr. Gold has over thirty years of experience in eye medicine and surgery, including over five thousand successful laser surgeries. He helped develop Yale Laser Center as a member of its Organizational and Medical Advisory Boards and has served on the ophthalmology faculties of Yale and the University of Utah. He is a member of the Connecticut Society of Eye Physicians, the American Academy of Ophthalmology, the American College of Surgeons, and the American Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery. After meeting with him, I was convinced that the super low price for the surgery I needed would come with a high level of medical competence.

The first meeting was devoted to his analysis of my ocular health so that he could determine whether the surgery was likely to work for me. I also got to know him and to ask all my questions. One requirement was that I watch a short video that explained the procedure in great detail, including how to prepare for the surgery and what the recovery would be like afterward. I was pleased when Dr. Gold determined that I was a good candidate for LASIK surgery.

By the second visit I had decided to have laser correction of just the right eye. I would use my left eye for close work and wear a contact lens in it the rest of the time. Dr. Gold was supportive of this decision; by carefully sizing the left lens and surgically correcting the right eye, along with doing certain eye exercises, it might be possible to avoid the necessity of reading glasses as I got older.

To prepare for the surgery I wore glasses rather than contacts for two weeks. I also used antibiotic eye drops for a few days prior to the operation, and took a few other easy measures to minimize the chances of infection. When I arrived for the surgery on a Tuesday afternoon, I was given one Valium to take the edge off, and was led into the operating room, which is kept chilled to optimize the laser. Since I was wide awake the whole time, I can say that the procedure went just as it was described in the video. Although it seems frightening to have eye surgery wide awake, things went so quickly that nothing was overly agonizing. It was actually pretty comparable to a short session in the dentist’s chair—not something you’d choose instead of a good movie, but something tolerable to gain something very worthwhile.

After the operation, the objective is to keep the eye as still as possible so it can heal. I spent the rest of the day asleep, and the next morning I could see! I had absolutely no more use for my glasses, since I had perfect vision in one eye. I use a contact lens for the other eye, which I remove when I need to do really close work. For the first few weeks there was a kind of halo around lights, after which things cleared up. Results can vary between patients, and there are no guarantees, but for me the procedure has been very successful. It’s a turned out to be a great benefit of the ACES relationship with Anthem, and if you’re tired of wearing glasses or having contact lens problems, it’s definitely worth looking into. Dr. Gold can be reached at 281-5745.

Stanley J. Phillips, Jr., Outcome 20/15

To all of my friends who wondered about my eye surgery:

Many of you have followed my progress – or lack thereof – concerning my potential plans for having LASIK surgery done on my eyes. First of all, this is to inform you that I have had the surgery done. Dr. Gold of Diamond Vision in Glastonbury performed it on 01/09/02. As of this morning, 01/10/02, one day after the surgery, Dr. Gold tested my vision and it was 20/20 in my right eye and 20/15 in my left eye. To say the least, I am thrilled.

The remainder of this rather verbose note is to inform you of the thought process that I went through leading up to my decision to have the surgery done and why I decided to have Dr. Gold perform the surgery. Please be aware that the information contained herein are my layman’s observations and opinions and I do not profess to be an expert. I am however a concerned consumer who did my best to satisfy myself that I was doing the right thing.

I am near-sighted with astigmatism and began wearing glasses when I was approximately 12 years old.

At the age of approximately 26 I began wearing hard contacts – at the time, soft contact lenses were not available for cosmetic purposes.

At the age of approximately 41 I began wearing gas permeable contacts and continued to wear them until last July – I was 54 at the time.

At the age of 51 I developed the need to wear reading glasses (a condition called Presbyopia) when I had on my contact lenses. If I did not have my contact lenses in place, I did not need to wear reading glasses, but I had to hold the reading material less than one foot from my eyes.

From July 2001 through November 12, 2001 I wore soft lenses of the Toric variety due to my astigmatism.

From November 12, 2001 through January 9, 2002 I wore glasses only.

On January 9, 2002 the LASIK surgery was performed on my eyes and I no longer wear glasses but must use reading glasses – the same ones that I formerly used with my contacts are fine.

My final eye glass prescription was:
-6.0 -1.75 10
-3.25 -3.25 170
Add 1.50

For an explanation of what the above means, I would suggest that you go to the website:
This is an excellent article which explains the various eye conditions as well as how to read a prescription.

J.W., 28, Videographer, Outcome 20/20

I had refractive surgery because I have always hated wearing glasses. They caused muscle problems in my neck because of weight; my glassed seemed to always slide down my face or get fogged up while riding my bike or in the course of working. After talking to Dr. Gold I decided refractive surgery and Liberty Vision were for me. Thanks.

D.D., 41 yr., Graphic Designer, Outcome 20/20

I had laser surgery because I was tired of wearing glasses and contacts all the time. I was scared of the procedure until my friend who had it done told me how easy it was and that her vision is better than with glasses. After the surgery my vision is better than with glasses, sharper and clearer, and my night vision is much better. I don't have to put on my contacts to play tennis, which is more convenient. Also my eyes don't get blurry when I work on the computer.

J.I., 31 yr., Minister, Outcome 20/20

As a mom of two children, wearing glasses had bothered me a lot when I played with the kids. It's a very great thing that I don't have to put my glasses away from them. I can lie down with them without worrying about glasses. Also, I am free to exercise and swim. Now, my husband is considering Lasik surgery because of the benefits I have enjoyed.


Dr. Gold is knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. His staff, wife included, were warm and helpful with all of my many questions. And at the end of the healing process, my vision is perfect with no glasses!!!! I am very happy I had PRK done! Joan T.


Dr. Gold is knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. His staff, wife included, were warm and helpful with all of my many questions. And at the end of the healing process, my vision is perfect with no glasses!!!! I am very happy I had PRK done! Joan T.

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Dr. Gold is knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. His staff, wife included, were warm and helpful with all of my many questions. And at the end of the healing process, my vision is perfect with no glasses!!!! I am very happy I had PRK done! Joan T.