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Dr. Joanna Luty, Pediatrics:
"...I was tired of my glasses falling down my nose while I performed procedures...It's amazing to wake up and see perfectly - the alarm clock, out the window - everything! Plus my 3 year old son now brags to his teachers that I am beautiful - because I don't need glasses!"

Dr. Rebecca Wineland, OBGYN:
"I didn't like wearing glasses in the OR because they would slip and I couldn't push them back up. But without them, I couldn't see across the room. I am so happy to have made the choice to correct my vision permanently. Thank you Dr. Gold and the staff at Liberty Vision for your wonderful care!"

Dr. Rosina Bandanza, Psychiatrist:
"Dr. Gold took a long time to do a very comprehensive exam and was patient and very professional. The staff was wonderful, accomodating, pleasant, always welcoming. When I had some irritation in my left eye several days after surgery and didn't call 'til the next day, he said I should have called right away! Couldn't ask for better care."

Dr. Danielle Moreggi, Psychologist:
"Dr. Gold has changed my life. He put an anxiety I had about the surgery at ease and I have felt well taken care of at every point of treatment and follow-up. I have had 100% confidence in my care with Dr. Gold"

Dr. Stephanie Bahamonde, Family Medicine:
"At bedtime I still have the urge to remove my glasses (that of course are no longer there!) I've highly recommended the procedure and specifically Liberty Vision to friends and family."

Dr. Neeraj Mangla. Anesthesiologist:
"Now I am free of glasses for the first time in 30 years. I wish I could have done it decades ago, but the risk level was not acceptable until recent advances."

Dr. Adam Mednick, Neurologist:
"Dr. Gold is extremely professional and I highly recommend him for LASIK surgery, have already referred (and will continue to refer) patients to him."

Dr. Kim Luciano, Veterinarian:
"After consulting with other practices, I came here and was immediately impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the front office staff. I felt the same with Dr. Gold and his staff at Liberty Vision. All my questions were answered and I never felt rushed. Dr. Gold comforted me through my EPI-LASIK procedure and afterwards. I am very happy with my choice of this practice and with my results."

Dr. Amy O'Donnell, Neurologist:
"The results have been amazing! I love skiing and scuba diving without glasses or contacts. I am so grateful for being able to see!"

Dr. Padma Patel, Emergency Room Physician:
" - Excellent Surgeon
- Honest Opinion/Consultation
- Tremendous patience
- Friendly - Cool patient - Doctor relationship"

Mr. Michael Luberti, Physician Assistant:
"The surgery has improved my quality of life and given me freedom to be worry free with respect to my eyes...better vision than I had with contact lenses...and less hassle..."

Ms. Tram Phan, YNHH Pharmacist:
"I always remember the way you held my hand on the way into the surgery room...You exceeded my expectations."

Ms. Bryna Avenia, Physician Assistant:
"Dr. Gold was very caring and reassuring during and after my surgery. I am free and enjoy every moment I don't need my glasses or contacts."

Ms. Jessica DeMelis, MRI/CT Scan Technologist:
"I can't begin to explain how thankful I am for having Dr. Gold correct my vision. It was the best decision I made in 31 years...Thanks so much Dr. Gold. I now know that "Trees have leaves."

Mrs. Alison Tieman, Emergency Dep't RN:
"As an ED nurse, I work 12-hour shifts. My contacts would be falling out by the end of the shift. I am now one month post surgery. I still grab for the invisible glasses on my nose. Thank you to everyone that works with Dr. Gold!"

Mrs. Rebecca Brown, Dental Assistant:
"The entire staff at Liberty Vision was wonderful and everyone was so comforting and genuinely nice people. That is so important in an office where people are nervous. Thank you Dee, Sylvana and especially Dr. Gold."

Ms. Stephanie Connoy, Nurse:
"Before Epi-LASIK I couldn't see ANYTHING without glasses or contacts. After surgery it was amazing...Dr. Gold and his staff...made me feel so comfortable...Thank you for my vision!! You guys are great!!!"

Ms. Laurie Page, Physical Therapist:
"The entire experience at Liberty Vision with Dr. J. Gold and staff was professional, reassuring, and all staff obviously were involved in the caring approach with their patients. Dr. Gold is experienced, ready to answer any email, phone call and waited for me on post-op day 3 late in the day to further assess a concern of mine. The entire approach is what I was looking for and found!! Thank you! I love my new glasses-free lifestyle!!"

Ms. Marisol Medina, RN:
"I struggled with contacts/glasses while doing outdoor activities. Since surgery I tolerate sunlight better. I love waking up every morning able to see everything. Plus, I feel younger not wearing glasses all the time. I don't feel frumpy. Thank you Dr. Gold!"

Mrs. Joanne Borrus, LPN

Awesome experience!!! After procrastinating for years, I decided to move forward with laser vision correction following my consult visit with Dr. Gold. Dr. Gold is patient, gentle, took his time to answer my questions and alleviate my fears and concerns regarding the Epi-Lasik procedure. He seemed just as excited about the process and truly concerned about my expectations and the outcome!! Words fail trying to explain how amazing it is to be able to see so clearly whether its driving at night or waking each morning to the sunrise!!!! His staff always went above and beyond to be accommodating and very knowledgeable to answer any of my questions. Being a nurse I truly appreciated and admired his emphasis on the importance of avoiding an eye infection. He went over and above with patient education to make sure all techniques were understood and followed correctly to avoid any complications. It has been 8 months since my surgery and I still smile every morning waking up not having to reach for glasses!!! Thank You so much Dr. Gold!!!! You and your staff are the best.

Kenneth Wenning, PhD, LCSW

By an amazing stroke of luck I met Dr. Gold one Saturday morning several years ago. I had sustained an eye injury and, hoping against all hope, went looking for an ophthalmologist who might be able to see me for an urgent visit on a Saturday morning in his private office. By chance I walked into the Liberty Vision offices and there was Dr. Gold chatting with his staff in his waiting room. When he saw me he immediately jumped up and said "Hi I'm Dr. Gold. I'm an ophthalmologist. What's wrong?" When I explained what had happened and what my symptoms were he told me that I needed an immediate examination and brought me right to his exam room. Fortunately there was nothing seriously wrong with my eye. Since this initial visit however Dr. Gold has been my ophthalmologist for my annual eye exams and for treatment of chronic dry eye.

I share this story because it illustrates what Dr. Gold is all about. He is a compassionate, responsive, warm and highly skilled physician whose central concern is the well-being of his patients. I have been extremely happy with the care I have received from Dr. Gold and would highly recommend Liberty Vision to anyone in need of eye care.


Dr. Gold is knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. His staff, wife included, were warm and helpful with all of my many questions. And at the end of the healing process, my vision is perfect with no glasses!!!! I am very happy I had PRK done! Joan T.


Dr. Gold is knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. His staff, wife included, were warm and helpful with all of my many questions. And at the end of the healing process, my vision is perfect with no glasses!!!! I am very happy I had PRK done! Joan T.

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Dr. Gold is knowledgeable and wonderful to work with. His staff, wife included, were warm and helpful with all of my many questions. And at the end of the healing process, my vision is perfect with no glasses!!!! I am very happy I had PRK done! Joan T.